Dear boys who are just being boys,

I bet a lot of you think that PTSD is just for soldiers

The ones who go out to face the bullets, the explosions, the casualties

Its okay for them to lose composure right?

Its okay for boys to have random acts of violence, of aggression, regardless of military background!

The actions of boys can be explained, justified,

they have been through alot, anger is manly, profound!

But when a woman has experienced something traumatic, god forbid she raise her voice!

God forbid she forbid God, God forbid

When you look at the girl lying on the ground with her clothes ripped off and tears in her eyes, tares along her thighs, do you see what he did? 

Or do you see the shirt that was too short to be called a shirt and a skirt too short to be called a skirt, do you see the tears or do you see the heavy makeup that masked her adolescent face?

What really seems out of place? Do you see the victim or do you see the case of the typical teenage girl who got more than she bargained for?

What did she expect? You might ask, as she cringes on the floor you notice the size of her breasts and the paint on her lips and the glow of her skin and the arch in her back. 

Boys will be boys?

Now this girl is wearing baggy clothes, a bare face, and a frown. Anger is on her face when she is feeling down, did you decide just now that she’s probably on her period? But when that time of the month turns into every day, what then? Do you consider asking if she’s okay?  

Years later that girl will try to love again. But this time, When a boy looks at her,

She flinches. 

When a boy gets too close,

She holds her breath.

When a boy touches her,

She screams. 

Thank you boys,

Girls being girls 


I have chosen to create a spoken word medium on rape culture, a topic discussed thoroughly in Women Gender Studies. I wanted to focus on this issue because it is still present in our society today. Many social media platforms still work to blame the victim in rape cases, outlining what place of place they were in, what they were wearing, and what they could have done to avoid it. I also chose this issue because it is personally upsetting to me how much men can get away with because of their biological gender and ultimately, it isn’t fair. Women deserve and more importantly, have earned their right towards respect, equality, and a fair trial. In class, we learned “rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.” (Women’s Center, Marshall University) I want to spread awareness on rape culture so that it is not viewed as normal.

The assigned reading led me to discover that every “three minutes a woman is beaten/ every five minutes a woman is raped/ every ten minutes a lil girl is molested” (Shange, 512). If those statistics aren’t scary enough, then America has a serious problem. Professor Menachem Amir says “‘Studies indicate that sex offenders do not constitute a unique or psychopathological type; nor are they as a group invariably more disturbed than the control groups to which they are compared.” (Griffin, 513) Anyone is capable of rape, and the sooner women and men alike realize that, the better preparation and awareness we can make as a community. Bringing awareness to this topic will shatter beliefs that prevent women from prosecuting their rapist. Women are entitled to justice, just as much as men, and my spoken words reflects the outcome of current injustice. 


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