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Forgetting the Sky

How could you ask me to forget her?  I pleaded With my heart in my hands and knees in the dirt. How can you expect me to get rid of the things that bring her to my mind? Can I do away with the night? I begged and I cried   The flickering stars? Can I […]

Blessings from the stars 

What does it feel like to be in love?  I often asked myself this question as a child. I pictured a sharp but sweet electricity coursing through my veins, a high that levitated me into the stars. I pictured an uncontrollable spasm that gave my lips a life of its own, constantly lifting into a […]


Dear boys who are just being boys, I bet a lot of you think that PTSD is just for soldiers The ones who go out to face the bullets, the explosions, the casualties Its okay for them to lose composure right? Its okay for boys to have random acts of violence, of aggression, regardless of […]

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