Part One: Classroom Experiences 

Course One: ENL 262: Journalism 1

Grade: A

This course taught me the basics of Journalism, including opinion writing, feature writing, and investigative writing. I was able to interview a university faculty member and publish my work in the campus newspaper. 

Course Two: ENL 257: Intro to Rhetoric

Grade: A

This course allowed me to examine the roots of rhetoric and effectively apply it to my writing. In doing so, I was also able to build my persuasion and concision skills. 

Course Three: ENL 337: 20th cnt. American poetry

Grade: A

This course exposed me to the art of words within a poem along with the political, social, and spiritual power that it can possess. It also strengthened my skills on recognizing literary devices and apply them. 

Course Four: ENL 367: Multimodal writing

Grade: A-

This course expanded my knowledge in modes of production and presentation. It taught me how to edit a podcast audio, a video, and design my own website via WordPress. 

Course Five: ENL 268: Creative Fiction Writing

Grade: B

This course exercised my discipline in writing a short novel. It challenged me to draw from my own experiences all the while practicing time management and meeting deadlines. 

Part Two: Employment and Volunteer Experiences 

Employment: The Ground Truth Project


Brighton, MA. (Sept 2019-December 2019)

I worked in the Editorial, HR, Outreach, and Fundraising department. I organized information with Google Sheets, collaborated through Slack, and adapted quickly to the changing pace of a non-profit organization. This skill will prove beneficial in any given field. 

Employment: Northeast Security.

Security Officer

Boston, MA. (December 2018- Present)

I established a security presence at events, prioritized safety while conducting periodical rounds around the site, and responded to medical and emergency calls. My duties help strengthen my professional, timely, and quick-thinking skills.

Part Three: Adjectives that best describe me

  1. Adaptable 
  2. Accountable
  3. Curious 
  4. High stress tolerance
  5. Culturally-sensitive 
  6. Socio-emotional proficiency
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